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The Youth Speak Out! Arts Initiative is a multi-disciplinary arts program for a diverse group of youth aged 10-19. The Initiative helps young people develop their artistic abilities and then channel their creativity to effect positive change in their own lives and in their communities. The arts are used in conjunction with service and activism as a means for social commentary and as a tool for social change.


The Youth Speak Out! Arts Initiative program has thus far increased participants' teamwork and art skills. Furthermore, the community has seen a rise in how much it values its youth. Though half of the participants lived in a group home and were displaced from the program due to their release from the home, many students still found a way to continue their attendance in the classes.


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Jayne Sorrels, Project Director
Youth Speak Out! Arts Initiative
5959 N. Discovery Place
Boise, ID 83713
T: 208.890.5613

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