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Where to Go for Evaluation Assistance

If you don't already have questions or concerns, you probably will once you begin planning your evaluation. Fortunately, numerous resources are available to help you plan and implement a program evaluation. For a list of resources such as clearinghouses and resource centers, printed evaluation resources (guides, books, and form), and evaluation consultants and technical assistance providers, see page 160 of the full chapter PDF.

At minimum, you will need to make sure that your evaluation consultant meets the following criteria:

  • is knowledgeable about juvenile delinquency prevention and intervention programs, and possibly about arts-based approaches to prevention and intervention
  • is interested in your evaluation questions
  • is willing and able to commit to your evaluation time frame (which may change based on their advice)
  • is able to communicate clearly both orally and on paper
  • is experienced in conducting and managing a comprehensive program evaluation, collecting and analyzing evaluation data from sources similar to those you have identified in your data map, and producing user-friendly reports
  • is committed to collaborating with you and investing the time needed not only to assist with the evaluation but also to enhance your knowledge about and skills in conducting your own evaluation

Evaluation consultants and technical assistance providers

This section includes information about some potential sources of technical assistance such as federal, state, and local government agencies; local universities or colleges; and research firms and management consulting companies. See page 160 of the full chapter PDF for the complete list.

More Resources

  • Consultant contact information.
  • "The Program Manager's Guide to Evaluation," by KRA Corporation, offers detailed information about selecting and managing an evaluation consultant (see page 176 of the full chapter PDF for more information).
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The benefits and challenges of a well-planned outcome evaluation
A step-by-step approach for evaluating your arts program's outcome
Where to go for evaluation assistance
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